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CodeMark is ?

Written By: - Apr• 17•11

CodeMark is

CodeMark is a new building product certification scheme. Third-party Certification bodies evaluate and certify products to ensure they meet specified requirements of the Building Code.

CodeMark gives users the confidence that their building comply. Building materials, forms of construction and designs can come under the scheme.

Relevant legislation requires Building Certifiers, Designer, Architects, Builders, Home Insurance companies, Customers etc. to accept CodeMark certified products.

What is CodeMark?

It is a building product certification scheme. The CodeMark scheme supports the use of new and innovative building products by providing a nationally and internationally accepted process for products to be assessed for compliance with the requirements of the building codes of Australia and New Zealand. The scheme provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity.


CodeMark is

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