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Foam Panel

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* NRG Greenboard™ is comprised of 98% air and therefore only 2% polystyrene making it a highly efficient use of raw material.

* NRG Greenboard™ remains inert, is non toxic, odour free and non-biodegradable.

* No CFC’s or HCFC’s foam agents are used in its manufacture, so NRG Greenboard™ causes no damage to the ozone layer.

* Effective installation of NRG Greenboard™ can cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%.

* The R-value of NRG Greenboard™ does not deteriorate during its life time; therefore the reduction in emissions lasts the full lifetime of the building.

* The energy used to manufacture NRG Greenboard™ is recovered within six months by the energy saved in the building in which NRG Greenboard™ is installed.

* Typically, for every kg of oil used in NRG Greenboard™ manufacturing, about 200kg will be saved in reduced heating demands.

* All NRG Greenboard™ waste is recycled. Either through installation of off-cuts in the wall cavity or it can be granulated and mixed with virgin material to make new products.