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Benefits Why CodeMark?

Written By: - Apr• 17•11


Impressive benefits for everyone:

* Confidence – legislated product acceptance by building control authorities* (product opinions, appraisals etc. do not have the legislated acceptance);

* Confidence – managing legal liability;

* Confidence – national operation across Australia, therefore increasing market potential and improving efficiency;

* Confidence – for designers, architects, builders, building control authorities, consumers and others who specify use, approve or invest in CodeMark certified products;

* Confidence – underpinning the performance-based BCA through facilitating the use of new and innovative products; and

* Confidence – listing current CodeMark certified products and accredited CodeMark certification bodies in Australia at the ABCB website.

NRG – CodeMark Accreditation Advantages

* Offering increased credibility and acceptance, boosting consumer confidence in, NRG & Distributor network as well as ‘Accredited Installers’.

* Assurance, that the NRG Greenboard system meets stringent national standards, encompassed by CodeMark Accreditation.

* Quality Assurance in the manufacturing process of NRG Greenboard, through constant product testing, reporting procedures etc.

* Quality Assurance – NRG Greenboard profile cutting procedure, recording and documentation to the point of distribution by NRG.

* Accreditation of installers, rendering and painting of the NRG Greenboard system through the introduction of ‘new structured’ training courses and information material, as this will, ‘underpin’ the ‘CodeMark’ Accreditation (essential).

* Builders and Owner Builders, NRG Greenboard will also develop a ‘new structured’ training courses and information material and as well for this large market segment.

* CodeMark Accreditation is a ‘holistic’ approach to this marketing strategy and encompasses all of the above. Without the authorised and accredited structure proposed, CodeMark accreditation would not be given, therefore it is essential that this fact is made known when promoting and marketing the NRG Greenboard system.

Additional benefits for Certificate Holders:

* Confidence – offering increased credibility and acceptance of a certificate holder’s CodeMark certified products, whether established or new, therefore boosting consumer confidence in their organisation:

* Confidence – entitling certificate holders to display the CodeMark “Mark of Conformity” ; and

* Confidence – introducing a choice of certification bodies, therefore encouraging a timely and cost effective service.

Additional benefits for Certification Bodies:

* Confidence – providing accreditation from an internationally recognised accreditation body, therefore increasing credibility;

* Confidence – increasing acceptance and credibility of a certification body’s relevant product testing and evaluation methods; and

* Confidence – entitling certification bodies to display the CodeMark “Mark of Conformity”.


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